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Agatha. I live in Sydney and I am 20.


Christy (the torti) and Mango (the ginger) are both doing really well after receiving some very intense vet treatment. My mum is hoping to adopt Christy and I want to crochet them some amigurumi balls with a little catnip inside as their ‘thank you for being alive and pulling through despite everything I love you so much you are so precious’ presents.


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honestly just so tired of existing and being able to remember when things actually interested me whereas now i can’t get involved in anything or maintain an interest because i either a) don’t care or b) know i’ll care too much and get so emotionally invested it’ll impact on me negatively, what’s the use


And here are some pics of the bbies having a little nap and feed whilst in our care. The last pic is how they looked yesterday (two days after being rescued). The tortie isn’t eating too well and so her carer will start her on a drip but the ginger is very healthy and should be rehomed after a few weeks.

Once again here’s a donate link to the Mini Kitty Commune!

Bby kitties were so adorable, so grateful that their carer was able to take them in!

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→ Criticism Is Not Hate, And I Am Not Calling You A "Bad Person"


I’m sure plenty of people have made this statement before, but I thought I’d just make a little post that encompasses all instances of this type conversation.

What conversation, you ask? I’m talking about those moments where someone gets criticized, and then they react as if…

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xiaoxiaobaobao-deactivated20140: What does your bloge url mean and how do you pronounce it?

Omg I just saw this bc computer tumblr. Umm it is three words (‘samo w sobie’) and I will teach you to say when I see you! Sort of means ‘in itself/in and of itself’ loosely translated but the word ‘samo’ means alone so kind of ‘alone in itself’? 

I constantly have this fear that I’ve missed my exam or that I read the date wrong and no matter how many times I go to check the date I’m still so worried it’s wrong and even though i write down dates as soon as I get them this still happens??? i mean how little trust can you have in yourself 

How do you reply to replies?!?! I am still praying for the goat. Xmas present ideas?

there is an extension for google chrome called xkit! :) goat as present? or present for goat? it would probably be content with the gift wrap

nekrokrist replied to your post “I mean what is the point of blogging if you’ll never be as good as…”

You can do polishtips.com or howtopolish.com or pole.pl

But I don’t even make bigos, my mother/country would be so disappointed in me

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You hurt me.

it just took me 15 min to work out how i could reply to this. it hurt me too, at least it wasn’t a false goat